In particular, preferred is an expression detection method in the gene corresponding to a Western blot, may be carried out after electrophoresis on polyacrylamide gel a lysate of the bacterial strain in the presence or absence of reducing conditions SDS-PAGE. The differences between the genomic sequences of different strains or species can greatly affect the intensity of hybridization and, therefore, interfere with the interpretation of results. Approximately 10 ug of DNA was broken by nebulization 1 minute under a pressure of 1 bar Buchrieser, C. Among these said recording media, particularly preferred the computer readable media, such as magnetic, optical, electric or hybrid, especially floppy disks, CD-ROMs, computer servers. This very high value was chosen as it best allows 15 discriminating genes orthologs of genes paralogs Fitch, WS, Syst. Can be, for example, to refer advantageously to the technique for producing genes encoding fusion proteins described by Minton in Preferably, a transformed cell is cultured by a vector of the invention under conditions which allow expression of said polypeptide and said recombinant peptide is recovered.

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In mibton case, a probe, called a “capture probe” is immobilized on a support and serves to capture, by specific hybridization, the target nucleic acid obtained from the biological test sample and the target nucleic acid is then detected using a second probe, called a “detection probe”, labeled with an easily detectable monton.

The percent identity between two nucleic acid sequences or amino acid sequences is determined by comparing these two sequences optimally aligned, the sequence of nucleic acids or amino acids to be compared may comprise additions or deletions relative to the reference sequence for optimal alignment between these two sequences.

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Moreover, when the same plant is contaminated by two successive events it is important to show with certainty whether these are two independent contamination or mintonn the same strain is responsible for these two events. According to the invention, said vaccine compositions will be preferably in 10 association with a pharmaceutically acceptable carrier and, if appropriate, with one or more appropriate immunity adjuvants. Thus, the method of the invention allows the skilled person to conduct comparative genomics studies between different kmp or species of the genus Listeria, for example between the pathogenic strains and their nonpathogenic counterparts.


Identification by 30 Crossmatch areas that will be hidden is based on the search words 11 identical letters between the analyzed sequence and the reference sequences and extension of these words using the default settings of the software.

In particular, 30779 is an expression detection method in the gene corresponding to a Western blot, may be carried out mniton electrophoresis on polyacrylamide gel a lysate of the bacterial strain in the presence or absence of reducing conditions SDS-PAGE. To achieve this, the DNA of all or part of the genes of L.

CA2424952A1 – Listeria inocua, genome and applications – Google Patents

If the sub-unit of the telephone doesn’t acknowledge the headset, there will be no line volume and you can’t make a call. The present invention also relates to the genomic sequence and nucleotide sequences encoding polypeptides of Listeria inrzocua, such as cellular envelope polypeptides, secreted or specific, or involved in the metabolism and the replication process, as well as vectors including the said sequences and cells or animals transformed with these vectors.

The final wash is performed in 0. For polypeptide fragment according to the invention is meant a polypeptide comprising at least 5 amino acids, preferably 10, 15, 25, 50, and amino acids. An alternative method, but less efficient automated ribotyping, presents a cost analysis, high limiting its use. In another aspect, preferably, the invention relates to a polypeptide according to the invention, characterized in that it is a polypeptide of Listeria monocytogenes 4b irZnoczra or or a fragment thereof involved in the process replication.

Thus, in order to develop and produce its properties, any organization needs to interactions between different metabolic pathways. This method is based on the specific amplification of DNA, in particular by a chain amplification reaction. A vector according to the invention carrying such a sequence can therefore advantageously be used for the production of recombinant proteins, intended to be secreted.

The coupling between a polypeptide according to the invention and a polypeptide 10 immunogen can be made by chemically or biologically. Further analysis of the genome of the strain EGDe identified key genes skills, that mibton to say the genes favoring horizontal transfer genes.

This technique requires choosing pairs of oligonucleotide primers framing the fragment to be amplified. The invention also provides a method of screening for compounds capable of modulating the bacterial infection caused by other Listenia and method of biosynthesis or of biodegradation of molecules of interest using said nucleotide sequences or the said polypeptides. In another aspect, preferably, the invention relates to a polypeptide according to the invention, characterized in that it is a polypeptide Listeria monocytogenes 4b or innoczra 25 or a fragment thereof involved in the nucleotide metabolism, purine, pyrimidine or nucleosides.


Comparison of the genomes a Identification L. The labeling of the primers or probes according to the invention is carried out with radioactive elements or with nonradioactive molecules. These results are in agreement with published data on the diversity of Listenia strains.

The reference sequences used were: Is intended to denote “best alignment” or “optimal alignment”, the alignment for which the percentage identity determined as below 5 is the highest. The invention also includes host cells transformed with a vector according to the invention.

Press the 1 button for a few seconds. If you are a Turk Telekom subscriber, you can have detailed information from an operator minron activate the corresponding service by callingThe Unknown Numbers Service.

CAA1 – Listeria inocua, genome and applications – Google Patents

Their modes of administration, dosages and galenic forms can be determined according to criteria generally considered in establishing a suitable treatment for a patient such as age or body weight of the patient, the severity of the general condition, tolerance to the treatment and the side effects. Such determining may comprise a polypeptide or a fragment thereof according to the invention in glycosylated form used to obtain immunogenic compositions capable of inducing the synthesis of minron directed against multiple epitopes.

The recording media according to the invention, made with the information are very useful for the choice of primers or nucleotide probes for determining genes in Listeria monocytogenes 4b innoczra or relatives or strains of this organism.

One can, for example, refer to the technique described in US Patent No. As has been said, the host cell can be chosen from prokaryotic or eukaryotic systems.

Antibodies according to the present invention can also be used to detect expression of a gene of Listeria monocytogenes imiocua or 4b or related microorganisms.