Must be install proprietary drivers, you can do with commands sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install bcmwl-kernel-source and reboot. You are not directly subscribed to this bug’s notifications. It was retired on August 7, Bug – Recording from microphone stutters when pulseaudio is running – appears to be fixed in Karmic. If you want 3D however, you may benefit from installing the nVidia closed source drivers.

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Webcam not fully tested but works with Cheese app. January Touchpad, including edge scrolling, works out of the box. Minor delp with Microphone not working with pulseaudio, might just be settings. Workaround in filed bug detection of lid close doesn’t work.

Wireless worked fine out of the box. Ubuntu Netbook Remix Edit. Please refer to the appropriate page: The only thing that doesn’t work is the lock touchpad button.

HardwareSupport/Machines/Netbooks – Ubuntu Wiki

Wireless will be functional, and remains functional after subsequent restarts. But can be configured to work. The following is a temporary workaround for the issue: Oscar Kuo’s link above contains a tip for dealing with this by setting Firefox’s “browser. Keyboard Touchpad Microphone 0. Flag bcmwl-kernel-source for re installation.


The wireless driver needs to be activated first — choose the STA one, not the b43 which makes the machine hang during boot. Audio recording, webcam, a few other things.

The edge scrolling doesn’t work out of the box. It says I can’t access it.

[SOLVED] Ubuntu Netbook Remix on Dell Mini 10 (NO WIRELESS CONNECTION)

Some Fn-keys don’t work out of the box. Graphics driver install instructions wireleds be found here: This issue is solved by installing the linux-backport-modules-jaunty. Dedicated touchpad disable button does not work.

This appears to work in karmic – Recording from microphone stutters when pulseaudio is running Acer Aspire One Works well for most things, sound, webcam, ports all reported to work correctly. A eell important bios function is “Fan Always ON” turn this on to Off, and the fan will only rotate if it is necessary, if dont change it to depl, the fan will always rotate with about rpm It does not have an available option to add the “media processor” upgrade as on the Windows version of the which can allow better performance for full-motion video, particularly from HD sources.


Dell Inspiron Mini Series

Hibernate Del works, but suspend S2R doesn’t before patch in bug applied. Have not tried the HDMI yet. No wireless on Dell Mini 10v Bug reported by u.

Device rev c0 The low-capacity batteries appear to be those manufactured in Tokyo. Wireless does not work out of the box.

Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Hotkeys don’t work out of the box, you have wirelesx add a kernel parameter to the grub config: Ubuntu Forums Code of Conduct. Doing so will enable the Nvidia chipset which will cause the screen to turn off when you enter Gnome. HP Mininote This is a nice Netbook that works well when setup correctly.