That is definitely a consideration once I get a new desk. The Catleap is a beautiful monitor. I think I have bugged you and some others enough now. There is no glare at all though. I was looking into getting a second monitor recently, and the korean 27″ IPS monitors were super tempting There are five different versions apparently.

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ShimmerMan Haha you think I was worried?

The latest and greatest in tech, anime, and general geekery. You jumped on my post awfully quick for someone that doesn’t care nor remembers. Please send a message back to us.

Catleap/QNIX/Tempest/X-Star monitor .inf files

Some people catlesp had a couple dead pixels but when there are 3,, its kind of hard to notice 1 or 2 that are dead: Going to get one soon I am not all that risk averse, but damnnnnnn. GummiRaccoon Haha you think I was worried? It would cost just as much to ctaleap it back to South Korea than it cost me for the thing. My 22″ is wall mounted, it saves a lot of desk space. Or, if you have any other idea, please tell us.

We are really sorry for this inconvenience. Guess Q2700 have to settle for brain cancer: I didn’t read much into the warranty didn’t buy onebut the seller states that if mnitor have problems to contact them and see if something can be worked out. The base is a bit wobbly though thats not a big deal, my only gripe is that I ended up with one dead pixel in the top right hand corner of my screen. Its cheap plastic and is very flimsy.


Yamakasi Catleap Q270 SE 27 inch IPS Monitor | Initial Impressions | 56k

I forgot about mmonitor two minutes after I left the thread. When not gaming, Sean-Paul is usually cooking, watching anime, or riding his bike around Singapore and dreaming up his next computer build. The Yamakasi Catleap Q is proving itself to be a very solid performing monitor, albeit a very barebones one.

The increased resolution really makes a difference. I really hope you got lucky with your model, so definitely keep us updated, please!

And does the Catleap deliver.

YAMAKASI Catleap Q270 Multi 27 LED 2560×1440 LG S-ips Panel Built-in 2w

cateap Bring back the main forum list. If anyone has questions about it, I’ll do my best to answer: Nethemis Follow Forum Posts: Now its time to get a new desk, this thing is huge compared to my last monitor: Let me introduce you the regulation about this product in Korea.

Are they really worth it? To bring this subject up three days later. All of the surfaces are piano-glossy black except for the base, which is clear with a faux-chrome trim, and a back panel that is a matte catleal.


Not sure if all models are like this but mine had the European plug type on it but I have a singular converter so it wasn’t an issue for me. I’ve never even had things ship to me this quickly from other sellers in Australia before so I was impressed.

Review of the Yamakasi Catleap Q monitor |

Best Regards, – dream-seller” I honestly wasn’t even planning on returning the monitor because of the dead pixel. Sounds like a massive gamble.

Taking off the stand completely along with the silver rear panel is a bigger challenge that it first looks. The Catleap is a beautiful monitor.