The following books were published on occasion of king James L TripUci uodo Triplex, Cuneus, printed 0t first without his name. R J A particle of infer- tseh. Gap and the Flash Player clients to reach desktop computers and mobile devices. To repair ; to regulate. From ;f puh, not.

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To curse ; to swear an oath. New Pressures Require New Strategies.

Two or three instanqes of his ostentatious pedantcy shall therefore sufGce. Biai a cpnIraJietion was nothing to him. To dislike ; to suspect.

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Defence de la foy est- tholique, continue au livrede Jacques I. Soon after they were married; and soon after one of the most iniquitoui actions was done, that we read of in history. Winwood, in a letter to the lord Cran- borne, Sept. To take a concubine. I vL to avenge a grievance. I 1l to cease.

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Had he failed on such an opportunity to extirpate his errors, his zeal for orthodoxy might have been thought to have been lessened, and he to have failed in that which he had declared to be the duty of 9 king, the extirpation of heresy. From p kiu, a mortar. Frnm pj” k’o, may.


From ‘pj ckil, a sentence. Andrews, bishop of Winchester, his witty reply to James acoro First, i. She was acquainted with all the civil factions, not only in Scotland, occasioned by the catho- lics, whom she supported, aiid had even first encouragr ed ; but also in England, where the discontented, whose numbers were not inconsiderable, were not sorry to be supported by a princess destined to become theiif queen.

I fg J to thunder. I to think anxiously about.

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A wife ; a lady ; a ,v womau. For aught I know, they might be, yea, perhaps, were proud, conceited, censorious, un- charitable, avaricious. I JRHv sent; the oue sent. Charles the Second, his birth, iv.

It is readily acknow- ledged that, this character is, in itself, a very inean and despicable subject; but as it was attended with very extensive and important consequences both in his and the succeeding reigns j so it is humbly presumed that an at- tempt to illustrate that period of English history which.

Appearance; resem- 7 X blance. From flg w, to oppose shlh. It is very remarks- able, that in this answer to Bellarmine, contained in the premonition, James takes not the least notice of the ci given by him of his having formerly writ- ten to the pope, and beggerf a cardinal’s hat for one of his subjects, in order that through him he might be the more able to advance his affairs in the court of Rome.


Beridey, dfi Robert, punished by parliament for fevouring the exaction of snip-money, fl. J Let us hear Sully. I yJQ to assent to ; to grant. And, my lords aclrp gentlemen, you shall be my confessors, that one way or other it hath been my desire to hinder the growth of popery ; and I could not have been an honest man, if I should have done otherwise.

I M a cliff.

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I fe5K to think of; to call to mind. Imperial ; connected with the Emperor. So hard an4 difficult is the service of princes! I say, whoever considers the comparatively mild treat- ment these men have met with, will be apt to judge the punishment of Peters very severe.